Little’s Premium Arabica Instant Coffee XL (100G glass jar)

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Little’s Premium Arabica Instant Coffees are roasted and packaged in the UK. Apocalyptic Dumplings is SFA-licensed and is the authorised reseller of Little’s UK in Singapore.

Each 100% plastic-free, recyclable glass jar weighs 100G. Contains 50 servings.

Serving Directions: We recommend adding 2g (one teaspoon) of coffee granules per cup (200ml water), and you can adjust this to taste if you prefer it stronger or weaker.

💯☕ Choose from 4 delicious origins:

• 🇧🇷💤 Brazil Decaf: Decaf doesn't have to be boring - expect a surprisingly rich and smooth coffee with a mild nutty flavour. A delicious decaf coffee to enjoy as the evening rolls in.

• 🇨🇴 Colombian: This excelso-grade coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia comes packed with naturally distinct hazelnut flavour. Serve with milk to enjoy the creamy nutty notes or serve black to experience this coffee's clean finish. 

• 🇪🇹 Ethiopian: These beans originate from the birthplace of coffee – the Djimma zone in western Ethiopia. Expect a sweet coffee with a fruity and zesty character and a hint of chocolate on the finish. The perfect bright and exciting coffee to get you going in the morning. We recommend drinking this one black to experience its zesty character to full effect. 

• 🇮🇹 Italian Rich Roast: This is a blend of premium beans which combine to create a rich Italian-style coffee. Roasted a little darker than the other premium instant coffees in our range, but without any burnt or smoky notes, of course. Expect a full and rich body with a dark chocolate flavour and surprisingly good balance. Enjoy with biscotti and a small glass of sparkling water for a true Italian experience.