Why Apocalyptic Dumplings?

 Here are 4 reasons why shopping with us is Real Good Stuff:


1. You'd be supporting a small, proudly family-owned business, grown from the ground up. That's Real Kind Stuff.

David versus Goliath. The Underdog. You get it. Your business means a whole lot to us, and we'll be sure to let you how how much we care. Feel the difference in the tiniest details, from our quick turnaround time to personally handpicking your order - we put our heart and soul into every step because that’s what we do for family, and you’re a part of ours too.


2. You'd be doing your part tackling climate change by buying in bulk. That's Real Woke Stuff.

We all need coffee, so why not stock up and save more? Lower your carbon footprint and purchase in large quantities. Or cycle to work, whichever works!


3. You’d be championing budding artists. That's Real Creative Stuff.

With algorithms and templates making life easier for most of us, we want to slow down, smell the roses, sip our coffees, and make more art. Here at Apocalyptic Dumplings, we champion budding artists by buying and printing their illustrations as stickers, which we include as a gift to you in your order.


4. You want your dollar to go to ethical, responsibly-run businesses. That's Real Decent Stuff. 

Rest assured, your money won’t be funding any trips to outer space. Instead, we promise to give back by supporting causes that matter, such as seeking more environmentally-sustainable packaging solutions, to sponsoring street dogs and cats. We also believe in creating a safe and positive work culture, and in turn support ethical suppliers that treat their workers fairly.