Caffè Crema Classico Whole Beans Lavazza (1KG)

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Lavazza’s Caffè Crema Classico is a balanced coffee. A nice blend of spicy Arabica and mild Robusta beans with which you can make a creamy espresso with an exuberant crema layer. Discover the rich dry fruit aroma and subtle tones of chocolate. Dream away with this delicious Italian coffee. This blend is perfect to use as espresso or a cappuccino too.

Best-By: 30/05/2025

Acidity: Balanced

Arabica Robusta Ratio: 70/30

Fair Trade: No

Flavor Family: Fruity

Flavor Notes: Dried Fruits

Origin: South America, Africa, South Asia

Recommended Brew Methods: Drip Coffee, French Press, Espresso

Roast Profile: Medium

Safe for Super-Auto: Yes

Roasted In: Italy