Qualità Rossa Whole Beans Lavazza (1KG)

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Qualita Rossa is a medium-light roasted espresso best known for its unique and heavy, velvety mouthfeel. This Lavazza coffee is a skillful blend of African Robusta and Brazilian Arabica beans that produce a mild, chocolaty aroma and a rich, full body. Cutting through milk with ease, Qualita Rossa perfectly complements bakery products like bread and croissants. As an alternative to espresso, Qualita Rossa, is an excellent choice for drip coffee.

Best-By: 30/01/2024

Acidity: Balanced

Flavor Family: Chocolaty, Fruity

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Dried Fruits

Origin: Brazil, Africa

Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso, Moka Stove Top, Drip Coffee, French Press

Roast Profile: Medium

Safe for Super-Auto: Yes

Roasted In: Italy