Sinloy Coffee Blue Mountain Whole Beans (500G)

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Sinloy Blue Mountain whole beans are grown and harvested in Baoshan, Yunnan. With a similar climate and altitude to Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region, award-winning baristas have created a signature blend that is reminiscent of the smoothest flavour from the highly sought-after JBM beans.

Sinloy Coffee is a Chinese roastery based in Yunnan, China. Using quality arabica beans harvested from coffee plantations in Yunnan, Sinloy is expertly crafted under the watchful eye of award-winning baristas with Germany-made Probat coffee roasters, and is HACCP certified.

Sinloy Coffee. Make Things Change.

Acidity: Balanced
Flavor Family: Fruity, Chocolatey, Nutty
Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Cocoa, Grapefruit, Roasted Almond
Origin: Baoshan
Other Attributes: -
Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso
Processing Method: -
Roast Profile: Medium
Safe for Super-Auto: Yes
Roasted In: Yunnan, China