Sinloy Coffee Blue Mountain Drip Coffee (20 Single Pour-Over Bags)

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*Photo shows one Blue Mountain Blend single pour-over bag.

Enjoy quality Sinloy Coffee anywhere, anytime with these single pour-over drip bags. Coffee beans are precisely ground with Ditting Grinders for trusted Swiss-engineering.

Simply open the individual packaging and remove the single drip bag. Next, hook the ears over the rim of your mug, making sure that it is properly secured with the grounds within the drip bag. Heat water to the desired temperature suited for the roast profile, and pour over the grounds, starting from the middle and moving in a steady slow spiral movement until reaching the outermost circumference. Let coffee steep for 60 seconds before removing drip bag. Enjoy!

Sinloy Blue Mountain whole beans are grown and harvested in Baoshan, Yunnan. With a similar climate and altitude to Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region, award-winning baristas have created a signature blend that is reminiscent of the smoothest flavour from the highly sought-after JBM beans.

Sinloy Coffee is a Chinese roastery based in Yunnan, China. Using quality arabica beans harvested from coffee plantations in Yunnan, Sinloy is expertly crafted under the creative eye of award-winning baristas with Germany-made Probat coffee roasters, and is HACCP certified.

Sinloy Coffee. Make Things Change.

Acidity: Balanced
Flavor Family: Fruity, Chocolatey, Nutty
Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Cocoa, Grapefruit, Roasted Almond
Origin: Baoshan
Other Attributes: -
Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso
Processing Method: -
Roast Profile: Medium
Safe for Super-Auto: Yes
Roasted In: Yunnan, China