AGF Blendy Portion Concentrate Coffee (per packet)

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AGF Blendy Portion Concentrates are made for easy drinking! Each piece contains 18 grams of unsweetened concentrate to bring out all the rich aroma and taste from your favourite beverage. 

Simply dilute the contents of one piece with 150ml of milk or water with ice and stir well. Blendy Portions can also be added to hot milk to easily make a coffee with milk. It can also be used as topping for ice-cream, kakigori (shaved ice dessert), or other desserts.

The following variations are available:
- Matcha Au Lait (7 portions per packet) [Best-Before: 30/11/2021]
- Lightly Sweetened Coffee (8 portions per packet) [Best-Before: 30/09/2021]
- Ceylon Tea (7 portions per packet) [Best-Before: 30/06/2021]
- Non Sugar Coffee (8 portions per packet) [Best-Before: 30/12/2021]
- Caramel Au Lait (8 portions per packet) [Best-Before: 30/07/2021]
- Cocoa (7 portions per packet) [Best-Before: 30/11/2021]

Made in Japan.