Café René Nespresso Compatible Capsules - Milk Pod + 4 Coffee-Infused Flavours + Decaf (10 capsules per pack)

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  • Sold as a variety set, with one flavour each in the set.
  • Total of 6 different flavours.


🐮 Milk Pod: Make black coffee a thing of the past with our milk capsule! It’s time you get to enjoy a proper frothy, creamy latte with Café René’s Milk capsule. Just pop one in your Nespresso coffee machine, press the short button, and savour a good ole’ warm latte in the comfort of your own home. 


🤔 Why stick with regular coffee when you can enjoy some delicious flavour infusions?

Café René uses blend of the finest Arabica beans from plantations in Brazil and India, enriched with the intense flavour of Robusta beans. Roasted coffee beans are infused with the following delicious pairings:

🍫Chocolate-Infusion (Intensity 7): For the all-time classic mix of aromatic coffee with a hint of delectable chocolate.

🍮Caramel-Infusion (Intensity 7): For a playful twist on your coffee, we’ve paired the sweet and buttery caramel for the perfect caramel-infused coffee.

🍦Vanilla-Infusion (Intensity 7): For a more delicate hint of sweetness, we’ve gone for a vanilla-infused coffee. You can’t go wrong with this classic combo.😎 

🌰 Hazelnut-Infusion (Intensity 7): Add some oomph to your daily cuppa joe with a rich, sweet, nutty flavour that instantly elevates. 


☕💤 Decaffeinated Coffee (Intensity 5): Perfect for your evening cup of coffee before catching some much-needed Zzz’s.


Café René Nespresso capsules have been independently certified to guarantee functionality with Nespresso* coffee machines, and are roasted and packaged in Poland.